January 2019 Edits for Bugs Website

This is a summary of the edits that I merged into the BUGS website for the month of January. All of the edits were first merged into the dev branch, then committed. The detailed difference report generated by git diff master dev can be found here.

Non-Visual Code Changes

  • _config.yaml defaults - Added defaults for values in certain types of pages
    • Removed redundancies covered by defaults from template files

Visual Code Changes

  • important.html edits
    • Made _includes/important-format.html to hold formatting for the important div
    • Added the event URL to the important header
    • Refactored code to be shorter and maybe a little more efficient
    • Separated visual logic from event seeking logic

Content Changes

  • Removing files
    • Removed irc/
    • Renamed archive.md , and template_event.md to hide from output
  • Adding HFOSS to the projects list - Page can be viewed at https://a1liu.github.io/bugs-nyu.github.io/projects/
  • Added a 404 Not Found Page - Page can be viewed at https://a1liu.github.io/bugs-nyu.github.io/404.html

Misc Changes

  • .github folder
    • Moved CONTRIBUTE.md to .github and renamed it to CONTRIBUTING.md
    • Moved README.md, LICENSE and CODEOWNERS to .github as well
    • .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE - Added issue templates
    • .github/PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE - Added a pull request template