Curriculum Vitae

Here’s a few of the notable projects I’ve been working on! This document is an unabridged version of my CV.


New York University
B.A. Computer Science
Graduation: 2021
Overall: 3.698 Major: 3.878
Relevant Coursework: Data Structures and Algorithms, Basic Algorithms, Multicore Programming, Operating Systems, Programming Languages
Technical Skills: Java, Python, C/C++, Git, Rust, Swift, Javascript, Ruby, Kotlin, HTML, CSS/SASS

Work Experience

Software Engineer, CloakMarket

Spring 20 - Present

  • Crowdfunding platform for independent fashion brands
  • Built and deployed backend server (Go) and iOS application (React/JavaScript)
Research Assistant, Tandon Dynamical Systems Lab

Summer 20

  • Built Human To Human, an app that passively measures distance between users
  • Wrote Android application (Java), iOS application (Swift), and backend server (Go)



Summer 19 - Present

  • API for NYU course data, with “Rate My Professor” integration as well as full text search
  • Built web server (Java) and deployed to Amazon Lightsail
  • Sped up data scraping by 10x using asynchronous request batching
BUGS - NYU Club Website

Fall 18 - Fall 19

  • Rebuilt site using HTML, Jekyll templates, and SASS
  • Reduced codebase size by 32% while maintaining same functionality
Yet Another Course Scheduler (YACS)

Fall 18 - Spring 19

  • Goal was to give students a more intuitive UI to schedule courses
  • Lead of “DataAdapter” team - planned out division of labor & implemented data scraper
  • Designed a programming language to describe course prerequisites - write-up at


Secretary of ACM @ NYU

Spring 20 - Present

  • Organized “Hacker Nights,” a weekly event where students can socialize and code together
Director of Community Outreach for Tech@NYU

Spring 20 - Present

President of BUGS - NYU

Spring 20 - Present

Webmaster of BUGS - NYU

Spring 19 - Spring 20

  • Organized and presented “Intermediate Git Workshop” on 02/04/19
  • Organized and taught “Web Development with Jekyll” on 02/19/19 and 09/26/19
    • Discussed Jekyll as a platform for personal websites and application prototyping
    • Event slides and repository at